Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This booth was very welcoming

DIY Initial Door Hanger          
DIY Initial Door Hanger
indian wedding decoration        
indian wedding decoration
informal wedding note            
informal wedding note
The inscriptions                 
The inscriptions
Headbands on Footballers: Hot    
Headbands on Footballers: Hot
Top Tuscany wedding              
Top Tuscany wedding
50 Italian Soap Wedding Favors - 
rapped and Ready to Ship - for a
50 Italian Soap Wedding Favors - Wrapped and Ready to Ship - for an
ivory wedding card box           
ivory wedding card box
Ivory Trapunta Wedding Favour    
Ivory Trapunta Wedding Favour
makes ivory ticklish,            
makes ivory ticklish,
Alfred Angelo 2000 Ivory         
Alfred Angelo 2000 Ivory
mut  vel de Jackie Kennedy       
mut  vel de Jackie Kennedy
Jane Austen in Vermont           
Jane Austen in Vermont
Such was the case in Jane        
Such was the case in Jane
A Birthday Cake for Jane         
A Birthday Cake for Jane
but the garden that Jane         
but the garden that Jane
A Birthday Cake for Jane         
A Birthday Cake for Jane
my Jane Austen Pilgrimage.       
my Jane Austen Pilgrimage.
Indian telephone booth           
Indian telephone booth
This booth was very welcoming    
This booth was very welcoming

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